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I began writing these articles to supplement the textbook for my public relations class. They filled gaps, clarified concepts, explained how textbook theories applied to current events, and presented alternate views. I'm retired now, but I continue to add readings and make them available free of charge.

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Crisis communication

Ethics in public relations

Evolution of public relations

Government use of public relations

Key people in the history of public relations

Media relations

Origin and need for public relations

Public relations and marketing are not the same

Public relations planning

Public relations training

Recent trends in public relations

What is public relations?

Writing for public relations

Latest article (4/17/2024) on the Practicing Public Relations home page:

An up-to-date look at worldwide public relations and the communication profession
(Publication of the 2024 Global Communication Report by the Annenberg Center for Public Relations)


Perspective on public relations:
Its origin and social need

Evolution of public relations:
A century of maturing as a profession

Key people in the history of public relations

Ethics in public relations:
Professional standards for practitioners

Public relations planning:
Effective strategies are planned, not ad hoc

Media relations:
Use mass media to reach your key publics


What is public relations?:
Concepts of its role and functions

Public relations training:
Preparing to practice public relations

Writing for public relations

Public relations and marketing:
Using similar tools for different ends

Crisis communication:
Managing public relations in an emergency

Government public relations:
Critical concerns and limitations in the US

Recent trends and changing practices:
Public relations continues to adapt

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